No Exam Insurance

No exam life insurance does exist for those who are not fortunate enough to have absolutely perfect health.  As many individuals already know, if you do not have perfect health, it can prove rather difficult trying to find life insurance.  Most companies expect a full medical examination upon applying as well as filling out a lengthy health questionnaire.  A person with existing health conditions feel that it is extremely difficult to obtain insurance.  That is why it comes as a relief to discover companies who will not ask for a health exam in order to provide approval for life insurance.
Finding a no exam life insurance company is similar to finding a gold mine for many people.  In this day and age, perfect health simply does not exist.  Very few people have no health problems what-so-ever.  Insurance companies will take into account your age and your weight when considering you for life insurance options.  Most insurance companies hope that a person will outlast the length of their policy and usually the only way that happens is if the person is healthy and does not meet an untimely death.  Keep in mind that premium rates might be higher with no exam.
When you search for a company that offers a no exam life insurance policy, make sure you compare premium rates side by side.  You will also want to read all of the fine print.  Most often companies who do not require a medical exam will charge higher premiums compared to those that do need a health exam.  You want to find a company that offers fairly stable rates, meaning the rate stays as close to the same as when you first signed up.  Whether you choose a 10, 20, 25, or 30 year term policy, try to avoid high rates.
For anyone interested in a no exam medical insurance policy, the great news is that they generally include most of the same benefits offered by a policy that requires an exam.  This type of policy is great for individuals who have a perfectly healthy background or someone who has health problems.  Be sure to compare several different term life insurance quotes and take the time to compare your options with multiple companies.  Search online for a policy that suits your needs best.  Calculate how much you will need in life insurance to make sure your family is taken care in the event of your passing.
Yet another benefit of a no exam medical insurance policy is the fact that it is both fast and convenient.  Applying for insurance through a company that requires a medical exam can be a rather lengthy process.  You have to wait for the company to review your health information.  In many cases, the company will also send a nurse out to your home to examine you.  Having to wait for all the procedures and paperwork can seem rather daunting.  Take the stress out of applying for life insurance by avoiding health examinations, which will greatly speed up the process.